Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lost in thought.

I've been pretty distracted lately. Bust the worst thing is this new fear of my tablet! Its like I'm learning to draw all over again. Its pretty frustrating. But I know the end results will be amazing...
Ill just have to stick in there.


Julie said...

I know this is pretty random, but I found your blog by accident, and I really like your work.

And, a thought: although your profile says "feel free to contact me," your contact information is nowhere to be found.

Anywho, good luck!

WingingIt said...

i am blogging about fears and walking through them...check out my blog are an amazing artist with lots of courage to take this to the next artist left a message on my blog that was very comforting, it went something like this...."it will be fine when it is over, if it is not fine, it is not over"...welcome to our process right??? much love and we are thinking of you today as we go to "the ranch"!